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Free roam VR is a completely untethered experience where you can walk freely in the play space with no cables attached to your headset. This is achieved by utilizing the Oculus Quest 2s with arcade exclusive software. Herozone is composed of three different games known as Dead Ahead, Arrowsong, and Cybershock. Cops vs. Robbers is a virtual reality laser tag where you can battle it out amongst your friends competitively. 

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  • Genre: Shooter

  • Difficulty: Medium to Hard

  • Comfort Rating: Comfortable

  • Average Playtime: 10 Minutes

Dead Ahead is a cooperative shooter where players fight against hordes of zombies in order to survive until the game comes to an end. Players can use several weapons found around the play area and repair barricades as the zombies attempt to break through.

  • Genre: Archery/RPG

  • Difficulty: Medium to Hard

  • Comfort Rating: Comfortable

  • Average Playtime: 10 - 13 Minutes

Arrowsong is an archery game where players defend a single objective from evil goblins using bows and arrows as well as abilities they can unlock throughout the game. The goal is to prevent the goblins from destroying their objective by working together and using their abilities to slow the goblins’ progress.

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  • Genre: Shooter

  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

  • Comfort Rating: Intense

  • Average Playtime: 8 Minutes

Cybershock is a more competitive shooter where players ride a moving platform through a virtual world in order to destroy a computer virus. The goal is to reach the highest score out of all the other players by destroying enemies whilst still working together to destroy the final boss. Players can find upgrades throughout the levels that give them a temporary advantage over other players.

  • Genre: PVP Shooter

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • Comfort Rating: Intense

  • Playtime: 6 Minutes

Laser tag meets virtual reality. Pick the side of a heroic cop, or a menacing robber. Battle it out against the opposite team to obtain the highest score!