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mini goLf


Standard Rental
9 Hole Course


Deluxe Rental
15 Hole Course


Add Yard Games
+ $30 Golf Pong (putterball)
+ $30 LED Cornhole

+ $30 Portuguese Horseshoe
+ $20 Ladderball
+ $20 Chippo Golf
+ $10 Regular Horseshoe

A $100 deposit has been added in case the equipment needs extensive cleaning, has sustained damage, or equipment has not been returned (golf clubs or balls). The deposit will be immediately returned upon pickup if everything is in order. Payments and refunds will be made through cash or Venmo.

Traveling fee of $100 applies to locations from Hilo to Honokaa and Hilo to Glenwood. Locations further will cost $175. Mini golf rentals include putters, balls, and scorecards.


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